Spamming it down peoples throats.

We all get spam, in our emails, on our facebook news feeds, & in IM. There are all kinds of spam, but I’m interested in those chain letters that say, “if you don’t send this you going to Hell.”

Ok, so to be fair, people don’t actually send IMs that blatant, they make it more subtle. They lay a guilt trip on you, they make it sound like you’re really doing Jesus a favour by irritating everybody on your contact list. These messages contain lines like:

“The devil will try to discourage you from forwarding this, but you can defeat him, I just did”

“If you forward this, God will bless you.”

“If you forward this, something special will happen in the next …”

& my favourite, “Jesus says, that if you deny him in front of your friends, then God will deny you at judgement, don’t deny him, send this on.”

Firstly, the Bible doesn’t work on a system of instant reward for good actions, it doesn’t even work on a system of any reward for actions. According to the Bible, people don’t go to heaven because they do good, but they gain salvation by grace through faith, good works are simply an expression of faith.

Secondly, the Bible says you’ll be judged by your works. That’s right, salvation by grace, & judgement by works. That’s why you have to repent, even if you have given your life to Christ, & been baptised. Denying God/Christ is hiding the fact when confronted about it, like Peter did – three times, this is not unforgivable. Not spamming people isn’t the same thing. You aren’t denying Christ if you don’t, you’re just irritating someone if you do.

Thirdly, Jesus says we should treat others the way we want to be treated, the one sentiment that people who don’t accept the Bible tell me they think is very good, “if only Christians lived by it” they say. To all christians out there who forward these spam messages, how would you like receiving messages advertising porn; Islam; New Age; mysticism, or anything else that runs contrary to the Bible? How would you like to receive this type of spam on Whatsapp; BBM or any other instant messenger with the message, “forward this or you’re a bad person”? Ya, I’m sure you’d love it. People don’t like spam, and especially not what has become known as “Jesus Spam.”

The only thing that sending these messages on to your contacts achieves is irritating people, & showing people how Christians don’t live by their Bibles. Think about it, people look at Christians who drink and smoke, they wonder about the references to the body being the temple of God. People look at Christians, & openly mock the fact that they keep Christmas, & not the fourth commandment. People see Christians doing things to others that they wouldn’t like being done to them, like spamming people, & wonder about “do to others,,.” People see wars being fought in the name of Jesus & people being killed, & wonder about, “turn the other cheek,” or “you shall not murder.”

Christ preached love, spamming isn’t loving. Christians need to get off the high horse of Hell, & live what their God teaches.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Mohandas Gandhi

If any readers out there want references from the Bible to back up the claims I make about it, you welcome to ask via a comment.


3 thoughts on “Spamming it down peoples throats.”

  1. “the Bible doesn’t work on a system of instant reward for good actions, it doesn’t even work on a system of any reward for actions”…”the Bible says you’ll be judged by your works”…So you won’t be rewarded for your actions, but you will be judged by your works?

    Surely going to heaven is the ultimate carrot/reward in the Christian faith?

    And how is this “Jesus spam” any different to the old days before computers and cellphones, when we used to receive chain mails in the post, and people actually knocked on your door in person?

    It’s all about “showing your faith against peer pressure”, “standing up for what you believe in”, “spreading the word”, “creating awareness”…The vehicle of communication has changed and developed. We now live in a world of instant communication. When there’s an earthquake in Japan, we’re watching live footage all over the world, and repeat clips over and over, within minutes of the event. People are twittering, facebooking and bbm’ing about the horror and devastation as the body count rises. Welcome to the new world, it’s all instant. Christianity hasn’t survived as a dominating religion by not moving with the times.

    Yes, it is irritating, but so was the post and the door to door evangelist and being told by your school friends that if you mommy and daddy don’t go to church then they’re going to hell. What Christians are doing/saying/believing isn’t new, just the vehicle for communicating that belief has changed.

    1. Yes, Christianity teaches you will not be rewarded for your actions, it is through grace that one gets to Heaven, read Romans 3, but, if you truly love God, you will keep his commandments (John 14:15), which in a nutshell involves a certain amount of works, but this is gratitude, why, if you love Christ, would you want to do the very things that He died because of?

      The old systems, where also irritating, but they weren’t universally utilised, eg, the door to door thing is a Jehovah’s Witness practise, & by virtue of the fact that they do not believe in the trinity, they aren’t classified as Christians, even in their own eyes. If someone sends you mail, & the return address has the word ministries Bible, you can toss it in the bin. If someone arrives at your door & is carrying a bunch of watchtower books, or a Bible, you can say “no thanks” & close the door. If someone sends you an IM, you have no way of knowing it isn’t important until you’ve checked it. When I’m working, I don’t want to stop what I’m doing, to see a something condemning me as a Christian because I won’t send the message to you as a non Christian, that’s not reasonable.

      Most ministries operate under the idea of setting up a seminar, & people get invited, & they choose to come, or not. That is ministry, all the other things you mentioned are just irritating, & un Christ like.

      Before you say something like, “Christianity hasn’t survived as a dominating religion” you should read a Bible. The Bible does not teach Sophism (immortality of the soul, this was the first lie ever told in the Bible); immaculate conception (the idea that Mary was sinless in Roman Catholicism); Christmas (Jesus wasn’t born in winter); that the Sabbath was rescinded or changed; that the soul can separate from the body; that a day starts at midnight (taught in Roman Catholicism); evolution (taught by most Calvinist churches; Anglicans & the Pope, amoung other, this isn’t irreconcilable with the Bibles, at all); the primacy of Peter or any church leader after him. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point, what has become a dominating Religion is not the Christianity that Christ or any of his apostles taught.

    2. Sorry, I left one thing out, if someone ever tells you you’re going to Hell, point them towards Matthew 7:1-2 note the result of casting judgement.

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