Burning Books

I recently saw a particularly disturbing clip on You Tube. I will not post the link, nor will I give the name of the moronic woman involved, although I suspect that anyone who has seen it will know the details. I only saw the second clip of two, perhaps I should have watched both. What I did see shocked me, it was straight out of the Old Testament style retribution & hatred that marked the churches of the reformation & counter reformation. I thought Christians had learnt to read the teachings of Christ, I was wrong.

The clip involved this crazy nut job of a woman (normally when I write I try to remember not to be judgmental, but to not be here would be mental), with extreme hatred in her eyes, & anger in here voice, reading verses out of the Quran, & then burning the pages on which they were printed for being “evil.” She did this all in the name of Christianity, I wonder if she’s ever read a Bible.

The first verse she mentioned was from Surah 2. I went and checked that it said what she said it said, it did. Verse 191 states “and kill them wherever you overtake them & expel them from wherever they have expelled you, & fitnah is worse than killing.” She stated that this was evil because the “them” were unbelievers, like her, & that it was evil that they should want to kill unbelievers. The first thing one should notice here is the fact that “and” cannot begin a thought, it’s a conjunction. The previous verse (Surah 2 verse 190) reads “Combat in the way of Allah those who fight against you but do not transgress. Indeed Allah does not like transgressors.” Considering this text, we now have a reference for who “them” actually is: “those who fight against you.” The rest of 191 reads, “And do not fight them at al-Masjid al-Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.” So it is referring to disbelievers who attack Islam. This entire section sounds to me like it supports killing in self defence, which I have issues with, but when I bring my issues up in a “Christian” society, I find myself in a minority. Since this woman is a “traditional Catholic” she has far worse in the way of abhorent activity hiding in the closets of her church’s past.

She continued, through most of the book, using rashers of bacon as bookmarks, simply to add insult to injury in her crusade against Islam. I didn’t see the Christian sentiment in it. She did pass some remark regarding the Church Militant, I’m not sure where Jesus mentioned that. I’m sure we would achieve more by reasoning, than by aggravating an already bad situation.

I’m not sure what a traditional Catholic actually is, if it’s a Roman Catholic, then I fully understand why she thinks the way she does. After all, it was this church that burned people at the stake because they (the people being burnt) wanted people like her to be able to read the Bible in their own language. This is partly why there was a reformation, unfortunately protestants lost the moral high ground when they started executing Catholics. I feel that when we start with the kind of infantile behaviour going around on You Tube in the name of Christ, we loose any chance at having moral footing in any debate. Why? It’s simple, our Bible tells us to do to others as we’d have them do to us. Whether she believes they have the right to burn the Bible or not, isn’t the point, it wouldn’t make a Christian happy to see it. Oh, sorry, I forgot, the reformation was all about the fact that the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t worry much about what the Bible says.

Let’s examine the facts, no point in me making an accusation I can’t support. Firstly, there are many passages in the Bible about worshipping idols, Exodus 20:4-5 says we shouldn’t even make or bow down to images, you know, like all the statues of Mary Catholics kneel in front of. Secondly, the model prayer begins “Our Father” not “Hail Mary” in fact, the Bible never makes any indication that Mary should be prayed to. Thirdly, the “Queen of Heaven” references to Mary: “Queen of Heaven” is mentioned only in the Book of Jeremiah, never in a good light, it’s called an abomination. Fourth issue is the use of the “Venerable day of the Sun,” (Sunday) as a day of worship, the Council of Laodicea actually banned people from keeping the only Sabbath that the Bible ever mentions, remember, this is one of the Ten Commandments, they banned keeping it. Christmas is placed on the sun god’s birthday, something many modern Christians do not know. Many third & fourth century writers acknowledged the connection. The early church didn’t celebrate birthdays, not even Christ’s so we don’t actually know a date. Ezekiel chapter 8 tells us that sun worship is an abomination, don’t worry, we’ll just use the customs.

The Roman Catholics aren’t answerable to the Bible, but to the Papacy, a self proclaimed antichrist. Don’t believe me? “Ante” in Greek means “in the place of”, “Christus” is “the annointed” the one the Bible calls the “Son of God.” The papal title “Vicar of the Son of God” comes from the Latin title, “Vicarius Filli Dei.” “Vicarius” means “substitute,” so the title would actually translate as, “Substitute of the Son of God” or “in the place of Christ,” which is what the Greek “Ante Christus” would translate to. The word “protestant” comes from the verb “to protest,” what were they protesting against?

If Christians are worried about the fate of their religion, they need to look a lot closer to home than Islam, they need to look at the rot coming from within. The early reformers risked getting, & often got, burnt at the stake, a most unpleasant death, because they opposed the totalitarianism of the Papacy, they went to painstaking lengths to point out that papacy filled the Biblical criteria for antichrist. Few churches will utter such words out loud now. Most churches belong to the World Council of Churches, a body headed up by the very power that was the enemy of free Christians for centuries.

I’m not for violence of any kind, & I believe this is in keeping with how Christ lived. Christianity has received a bloody legacy, we have no right to stand up now & start pointing fingers at Islam unless we are willing to disassociate ourselves from the evil within our own walls, & stand up against it, & say, no more will the evil of Rome, or any other power, rule Christianity. Unfortunately this won’t happen, Islam has become an enemy that allows fundamentalist Bible Belt Baptisits; liberal Presbyterians & Roman Catholics to unite against in the ultimate bid for self righteousness: “I’m a sinner, but at least I’m not a Muslim.”

It’s about time Christians started behaving like Christ, this involves going back to the Bible, reading what it says, & taking church leadership to task for anything they teach that is not Biblical. Again, I fear this won’t happen, Christians are taught from a very young age never to question church leadership, something Jesus spent his life doing. The result will be that the hatred that made Christian churches so powerful, will most likely continue to dominate in the future as it does now. Enemies may change, but church goers will continue to accept whatever their leaders tell them instead of what their Bible says.


3 thoughts on “Burning Books”

  1. Several very good issues raised here.

    I’ve always had an issue with how the Roman Catholics praise several idols and gods. In all reality they are as pagan as those they have burnt at the stake years ago. I wonder how many actually realise the origins of their Christian holidays? Most if not all have been addapted, borrowed of simply stolen by “The Church” over the years. Really a case of if you can’t beat them… join them, but say it was your idea?

    I’m amazed at the response you get from attacking any particular book. I guess that’s why some choose to do it. While I’ll not condone the attacks on anyone’s book, but the response that is often gained from doing so tends to show idolatry tendencies towards them. This pretty much goes a long way to proving my point that people hang onto the words in these books far too closely at the expense of the lesson. Heck, I can appreciate many of the lessons that are taught in the bible, the truth remains the truth no matter where it comes from, the story is just a medium… the words simply a tone.

    Your conclusion is both accurate and sad. Ironically I’ve seen far too many athiests point out what has actually been printed in a bible to which the “believer” is shocked and stunned (we’ll not argue context but that it’s simply there). Is this because it’s far easier to go and sit once a week (or less frequently if you desire) pretend to take on a lesson and then simply carry on regardless afterwards. Is it all for a show… are they simply following a blind leader… or do they simply not care enough?

    People really should take their leaders to task. Not to be argumentative or difficult but because that’s the best way to learn. Either that you agree or disagree, but atleast you’ll have a firm standpoint.

    1. Interesting thing here is that Christians are taught to be like Christ, except for the bits where he argues with religious leaders, & questions their authority over the scriptures. He uses the Hebrew scriptures to prove the Jewish leaders wrong, but few Christians will go to their pastors & say, “but the Bible says…” They accept that the preacher must be right, “after all he’s studied this stuff, he must know better.” If that was the cases, then Christians could toss their Bibles & just ask the boss man, Cardinal Ratzinger at the moment, who will simply tell them.

      People would rather watch TV than read, so why should religion be any different. I know many Christians who admit they haven’t read the entire Bible, but proudly acknowledge reading the Twilight saga or all the Harry Potter books. Guess which is actually shorter here. It shows where priorities lie here. It is no wonder that the modern church is referred to as the Church of Laodicea, the lukewarm church in Revelation by many.

      1. You figured they would want to be a little more invested in their afterlife than Twilight or Harry Potter. Really does make you think…

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