Silly Spam

I received this on Blackberry Messenger.

Don’t accept a request from Dean De lange (2171BC04) he’s a hacker. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds him you get him on your list too and he’ll figure out your blackberry’s ID and address, so copy and paste this message to everyone please!

Seriously? The spam gets sillier. It’s not bad enough that I have to pick up my phone to read posts telling me that my eternal salvation is dependant on spamming, now I have to get spam that proves my theory that people aren’t taught to think logically.

I often get these things telling me that so and so is a hacker, so don’t accept the invite. If you are accepting invites from people who you don’t know, you need your head read. If you aren’t sure, don’t accept the invitation, it’s that simple. If you put your PIN on Facebook in open content, then you need your head read. Always check that where you put your PIN is for friends’ viewing only. When you put it out there, make sure that you state, “if you use a name I don’t know, I’ll reject.” If you follow these simple guidelines, you should be ok.

The above message takes the cake, seriously guys, think carefully about it. “If somebody on your list adds him you get him on your list too,” this is the silliest thing I can think of. Right, John is friends with James, who is friends with Jane. John accepts the invitation, so now he’s on John’s list, which puts him on James’ list automatically, so now he’s on James’ list, surely then he must also be on Jane’s list. Seriously, if this message is true, Dean would be on all our lists long before this message would’ve gone out. So, check if Dean is on your list, chances are he’s not, he isn’t on mine, so it’s probably a hoax, don’t forward the message.

We get all sorts of rubbish being sent around on BBM, & to a certain extent on Whatsapp. From silly messages like the above to the “system messages” saying something to the effect of, if you don’t forward this, then there’ll be a system change, and you’ll loose out. If RiM or any other service provider needs to circulate a message, they aren’t going to do it by chain message, since RiM publicly said so after the blackouts last year.

If you feel the need to send on these kind of messages, just send a broadcast message saying the following, since this is the sentiment behind them:

Haha, I managed to get you to pick up the phone for no good reason. You were probably busy, & I wasn’t, so in my boredom, I came up with a way to stop you from doing whatever it was you were doing. I hope you broadcast this so more people can be disrupted for no good reason.


7 thoughts on “Silly Spam”

  1. It’s just moving along quicker now. First fax, then email, then sms… facebook and now BBM. For some reason people just hit forward and share the spam.

    Usually I reply to whoever with a link to Snopes (it’s a good friend of mine).

    If you can’t quite understand how it is that people still fall for these, give the old 419 scam a thought. People are defrauded of huge sums of money.

  2. I would give anything to stop this.

    Whenever I receive a chain message (be it in the form of a Broadcast message on BBM, Whatsapp or an email) I usually Google it on the off chance that there may be some validity to it, it would be smart to check. There never is.

    People, no matter how well you might know them, will just forward crap to you on a reflex. People receive a message like this and, without thinking, forward it automatically.

    Recently someone forwarded a message saying that a child was kidnapped in a local mall. I work in this mall and no such kidnappings were reported. It was nonsense and with no grounds for validity, people passed it around.

    A chain message does not qualify as a valid news source.

    1. Thanks for that Micky, please try get others to be more critical of how silly this is.

      This post is from February, this chain letter has been floating around since then, sure, the one I see today is slightly different, it now tells me that the sender isn’t sorry for interrupting me.

      Just a few stats, this post has received over a hundred hits in the last week, over eighty of those in the last 12 or 13 hours. Which strikes me as strange, that the same spam is still making such an impact after 10 months, but that was it’s creators ambition. Going by my contact list, you’ll probably find that less than 2% of people actually do what you do and Google it to find out. If we say 5% do, and all of those came to this site, then the last 13 hours would have meant this message would have gone to about 3600 people, but I’ve probably been quite liberal, so it’s probably more. Makes you think.

  3. Funny. I just got the message a couple hours ago on Dean De Lange being a hacker and all that. If this is even true why are they broadcasting it and not sending it in to the news or something???

    1. Something like that would make the news, it doesn’t because it isn’t true, but for some reason people don’t just think before posting.

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