Weak review: 19-25/02/2012

Welcome to my first Weak review, I’ll be attempting these weekly either I’ll release Friday morning or Saturday night. I’ve been inactive for a while trying to think of ways to make my blog more interesting, this is one of the ideas I came up with.

This week saw us having a palindrome as a date, 21/02/2012.

I was jolted out of non-blogging by a Blackberry Messenger purple text spam message the following day and managed to produce another palindrome with Spam and DNA maps. We all like getting mail, just not that kind.

Allow me to petition you

Speaking of purple blackberry text, I received a purple message saying I should change my profile picture to show that I was against child abuse, or something, a little while ago. I’m not sure how this would help, it sounds like one of those petitions, like the one against poaching, where the perpetrators aren’t much worried about public opinion.

On that subject though, Micheal Jackson has been arrested… …for stealing toiletries. Elizabeth Taylor was also arrested, but her charge was the usual celebrity kind, she was caught with cocaine. Weird Crime ran the story, they also provided pictures of the two perpetrators.

Chauvinist (er) bankers do it without chicks

Back to petitions, one of two that turned up on my Facebook news feed this week involved Larry Summers who, according to these guys is at the top of Obama’s list for nomination to the World Bank. He’s apparently a male chauvinist, and shouldn’t be afforded authority over a body that has an influence over education, particularly of women, in the third world. He has allegedly made statements in the past about women and girls not being as gifted at maths and science as men and boys.

Check your sources

Unfortunately, I’m not sure of the validity of the above sources since, as Aristotle pointed out, “you can’t be sure of the validity of information you get off the internet.”

While I’m on about valid information, I saw a poster on facebook showing a climate change graph, and fluctuations dating back to 2500BCE. I wondered who was measuring the temperature 4500 years ago, so I got hold of the guys who compiled the graph, and received a reply from Randy Mann, a climatologist (I think), explaining it was from ice and mud samples. I still have doubts, but at least there is an explanation, you never know with people in lab coats.

I couldn’t resist while I had him in an email conversation to find out about Al Gore; climate change and the apocalypse.

“Behold, a pale horse”

His reply was as follows:

“Our opinion is that we’re in a climatic cycle of wide weather extremes. The earth’s warming and cooling is part of that cycle, but we have made this worse with increased pollution, deforestation an [sic] so forth. As far as Al Gore and the rest of the alarmists,

its all about money and attention. I wouldn’t worry too much about the “end”, but definitely should make changes for our oil driven society. Take care.”

Last words

According to some news sources including the one hiding here, the Beirut river ran red, like blood, but this isn’t unusual, since it’s often running odd colours according to locals. So, it probably isn’t another sign of the apocalypse, just more pollution.

Please bear in mind the pollution problem when you are discarding last weeks valentines cards and recycle.

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