Too weak review 26/02-10/03/2012

I missed last week, so I’ll have to do a fortnight review.

We had Oscars since the last review, and for those of you who were wondering, yes, they did give best actor to someone for keeping quiet for an hour and a half.

The BBC reported that Andrew Flood was in court for double homicide. Surprise surprise, Floods kill, but this is the first time that I’ve heard it referred to as murder. I wonder what sort of motions will be filed in such a case.

Speaking of floods, this week I was expected to argue in favour of the Biblical flood, I have been looking at different responses to the various issues, to see what plausible explanations are out there. One answer I found regarding the redistribution of animals after the flood was, “it’s not in the Bible, so we don’t need to know.” I agree, we don’t need to know, just like we probably don’t need to know how the world began, or that the Sharks managed to win a rugby match this week just gone, but it is nice to know. Of course the cure for malaria isn’t in the Bible, & I wouldn’t be here without that, I’ll attempt to address ark issues in future posts, since people deserve to have reasonable explanations even if it wouldn’t be provable, since all the people who where there are dead.

News 24 reported this new business, nude services, you can get many jobs done by nude or scantily clad people from Paul Reid’s innovative business venture, could you believe it.

The New York Times reported that Yoga has it’s origins in some kind of sex cult, I wonder if you can get a nude yoga instructor from Paul Reid,.

Time reports that 1 in 10 Americans have overcome substance abuse problems, this is great, the other 90% don’t have a problem with their substance abuse. I wonder how many times the question, “Did you used to have a problem with drugs or alcohol but no longer do?” was answered with, “no, I’ve always been comfortable with my cocaine habit.”

Talking of habits, I have a habit of not eating meat, but I did go to visit a bacon factory. You may ask what a vegetarian Adventist was doing in a bacon factory, it would be a reasonable question. Truth is I’m interested in their effluent management process, I went to see the stinky stuff. They seem to manage their effluent fairly well. Unfortunately factories don’t really like it when you photograph their processes, but just for you guys, I managed to sneak in a pic of how bacon is made.

I’ve been very scarce, having only done the Indiana Rex post in the last couple of weeks, I apologise, I have been dealing with a crisis, but it’s sorted, so I should be up and running this week.


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