Weak review 11-17/03/2012

I know I said I’d try get more blogging done, yet all I managed was the first instalment of Friday’s Fallacy in which I had a go at evolutionists, next week I’ll have a go at creationists.

The main problem this week was that I lost my web connection, my mobile service provider was playing useless. Just prior to this, my Twitter account was hacked, and everybody got spammed, so I received a few friendly messages informing me. I sorted it out, only to receive a message from Twitter telling me to sort it out. I felt somewhat victimised.

Like Elner

With the Twitter bird hitting steroids, one has to wonder about how larger creatures would look on steroids, like mammoths. The Sun in the UK has reported that some guys who didn’t learn their lesson from Jurassic park have decided to clone Mammoths.

Coming soon to a Lab near you.

Still on about mammoths, this opinion piece from Al Jazeera has some interesting thoughts about charging people extra on airlines for being heavy. If people need to pay more for their extra luggage weight, surely they should pay more for their extra stomach weight. Apart from the fact that their are inherent health issues with eating all that junk food that makes people overweight in the first place.

On health issues, the Telegraph reports some disturbing news in the article Resistance to antibiotics could bring “the end of modern medicine as we know it”, WHO claim

WHO claims¿

Apparently antibiotics are becoming less effective because of a build up of resistance, so much so that a scratched knee could become potentially fatal, says the article. Really? A scratched knee? Fatal? Anyway, by the end of the article, we got the citation, it was these guys:

The Who

With healing drugs becoming less effective, what about the illegal type? The Mental Elf had this post about LSD being used as a treatment for Alcoholism. Yeah, I wasn’t convinced either, that’s why I read the article (perhaps it’s more of Aristotle’s hypothesis that web info is unreliable). The Drug Users Union will, no doubt be pleased… Wait! The what? Hmmm, according to this article from the New York Times, San Francisco has such a union. Frankly, tests have shown how effective placebos are, so we should just give people anything & tell them it works, a kind of one-size-fits-all cure.

The phamacy of the future

Just a last note on kicking habits, Time reports that a couple of guys have worked out a mathematical equation for predicting the chances of celebrities kicking the habit of staying married. Obviously some predictions are easier than others with many celebrities having a habit of divorce.

I’ve got a couple of new ideas planned for this coming week, with drafts sitting waiting to be fine tuned and published, I’ll hopefully not be abandoned by my service provider, or attacked by any social network icons.


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