Weak review 18-24/03/2012

I managed to get some more done this week, with the religious alphabet, which was an off the cuff; bored response to a tweet who’s link I couldn’t access. I also posted what was to be the first instalment of Theological Thursdays, but I may have to abandon that as a bad idea, since the response to it has necessitated a follow up post that can’t wait till Thursday. Friday’s Fallacy continued this week with a go at a bad argument used by young earth creationists, as promised last week.

This week has unfortunately been a week of mostly bad news, which was mostly unamusing, so I have very little to work with. It was a week of protest though, with those occupy folks celebrating their anniversary as reported by the New York Times. Apparently all was going well until they reached Liberty Street, gotta love irony, where things started going pear shaped. I reposted the link to #occupyOccupy to be part of the festivities, and had an interesting response. Are these guys walking down the street really the 99%, I mean, there aren’t too many of them.

They weren’t the only New York Staters to protest their situation this week though. A Gorilla named Koga also felt he needed to make a stand, so he decided to occupy the staff lounge at the Buffalo Zoo, while the terrified staffer decided it best to occupy his cage. Unfortunately he suffered the same fate as the OWS protesters, he ended up back behind bars. This story courtesy of News 24.

These weren’t the only ones to hit the pavement this week, as, according to the BBC, the Muppets received a star on Hollywood Boulevard, I wonder if anyone protested that.

Protest of another kind as as Forbes bought an interesting anti-Obama sticker to light. The makers of it claim it isn’t racist, I read the article and was not convinced – that the lady could read, since her claims were quite outrageous. So I’ve decided it best the readers decide whether it’s racist or not.

On racism, according to the daily mail, some band members thought it would be clever to shout “where’s your green card” at Angel Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican, during a basketball game.

Did they really think they’d get away with it? They were on TV after all. The irony being that Puerto Rico is a protectorate, and so no paper work is required. It’s a real pity that we have racism in sports, perhaps in the future we can look forward to people accepting those who are different when it comes to sport.

I’m signing off now, it’s late, and I need my sleep. Besides, the sports news normally comes at the end of the bulletin anyway. Enjoy your week, don’t do anything moronically newsworthy or you could find yourself in one of these unfortunate posts.


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