Too weak review 25/03-07/04/2012

Had a busy couple of weeks, and didn’t manage to get a review out last week. Much blogging did happen though, as a debate over subjective and objective morality got underway. I’ll do an index post once the I’m done, covering the counter arguments against my rejection of subjective morality; producing an argument for objective morality; posting how absolute morality factors in (since it has been a common straw man argument), and explaining how I would have argued against my post on subjective morality.

With Calvin being outraged by his subjective view of ethics and morality, onto the review. Last week, Time ran this article about Bill Maher’s proposal for a day of no outrage, I agree with Bill on this issue, they should pass a bill through congress. Being enraged or outraged over some outrageous idea seems to be all the rage these days.

Still with Time, and outrage, Americans have been somewhat outraged by a supreme court decision that allows people to be strip searched for minor offences. By ruling that it was not unlawful for Essex County Correctional Facility to strip search Albert Florence, after he was arrested for not paying a traffic fine. It later turned out that he had paid the fine. You can find the original article if you click on this blue text.

On personally invasive nudity, according to News 24, a German gynaecologist is being investigated for having 35 000 odd pictures and some videos of his patients. Is anyone really surprised, since even school kids joke about doing this job as a way to be payed for examining female genitals.

Continuing with bad sexual ideas in the medical field, apparently researchers could use Facebook to predict the spread of STDs. I’ll let you read the article since I’m not sure that people associate with their facebook friends in real life.

The medical field often deals with drugs, and researchers are often called on to help with anti-doping tests on athletes, so to continue with the medical research vein, it would seem that green tea could cause issues with testing for steroids, if an athlete was willing to drink enough of it. Here’s the article at Time.

More on drugs, the “Princeton of Pot” or “Harvard of Hash,” Oaksterdam, was raided last week, and they’re very upset. I’m somewhat surprised, since I would expect such an institution to be raided. Read the article at Reuters for more. I’m left wondering when England’s “Cambridge of Cannabis” will be opening for business. In South Africa we could have a “Potch of Pot” or a “Stellenbosch of Sativa.”

Back to the medical field, read this article about a Chinese teenager who traded his Kidney for an iPhone and an iPad. This seems an odd trade off for a smartphone and tablet, but you can live without that spare kidney, just like you’d manage fine without the spare leg you have.

One last thing on smartphones and tablets, I found this article which I completely disagree with. It claims that people use their smartphones and tablets while watching TV. I was busy watching the Masters on Supersport when I found it, it obviously isn’t true.


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