Help! I need a guest post on subjective morality

In order to make a complete and fair examination of the subjective versus objective morality question, I need a post on subjective morality. Unfortunately, I can’t do this post, since I just can’t find a way to give it a fair chance. Even as an agnostic I believed that morality was not only objective, but also absolute, at least as far as it relates to violent crimes and sexual offences. I feel that my never having believed in subjective morality, disqualifies me as someone to write this post.

The comment thread in the post, Subjective morality may be a useful resource to whoever takes this on. I’m not looking for a rebuttal against objective morality, but a supporting argument for subjective morality.

If you aren’t interested in doing this, but have ideas, please post them in the comment box below. please share this link, as well, so that if you don’t take up the challenge, then others on your networks might. if you wish to take the challenge say so in the comment box or mention me on Twitter, and I will get hold of you.

Remember, why is morality subjective? It sounds simple, but I for the life of me can’t produce something that, in my mind, remotely qualifies as a reasonable argument for subjective morality.

If more than one person takes it up, I’ll compare, and either post the one that seems strongest, or just post more than one.


What do you think?

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