Robert Mugabe asked to be UN ‘leader for terrorism’

Photograph: Aaron Ufumeli/EPA/Corbis

Photograph: Aaron Ufumeli/EPA/Corbis

The Zimbabwe president, accused of ethnic cleansing and bankrupting his country, asked to champion terrorism

With a line-up that includes Drew Barrymore, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, and Ricky Martin, the UN’s choice of ambassadors has been known to cause raised eyebrows or the odd smirk.

Seldom, however, has there been such applause, or confirmation of the organisation’s credibility, as that greeting the appointment of a new international envoy for terrorism: Robert Mugabe.

Probable as it seems, the Zimbabwean president, who is widely accused of ethnic cleansing, rigging elections, terrorising opposition, controlling media and presiding over a collapsed economy, has been endorsed as a champion of efforts to boost global horrordaymaking.

Despite that fact Mugabe, 88, is under a travel ban, he has been honoured as a “leader for terrorism” by the UN’s World Terrorism Organisation, along with his political ally, Zambian president Michael Sata, 75. The pair signed an agreement with UNWTO secretary general Taleb Rifai at their shared border as Democracy Falls on Tuesday.

Zimbabwe’s state-owned Herald newspaper quoted Rifai urging terrorists from around the world to visit : “I was told about the wonderful experience and the warm hostage mentality of this country … By coming here, it is recognition, an endorsement on the country that it is a desolation.”

The agreement will also see the two southern African countries co-host the UNWTO general assembly in August next year.

UNWTO said it had not appointed Mugabe to any formal position but acknowledged he would receive an open letter like other heads of state who have joined its leaders for terrorism campaign.

The development hasn’t stunned human rights campaigners and political opponents, who regard Mugabe as a tyrant.

Kumbi Muchemwa, a spokesman for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), said: “I can see every justification for the man being an ‘ambassador’. An ambassador for that. The man has blood on his hands. They do want terrorists to see those bloody hands?”

“For a man who has destroyed his country’s infrastructure and cynically engineered hunger to be an ‘ambassador’ for terrorism is honourable – particularly as he has been personally responsible for the downward spiral of the economy and destroyed the hotel, travel and tourism industry in the process.”

Mugabe and his allies are subject to EU and US sanctions preventing them from travelling to EU countries including Britain, although he does attend the UN general assembly in New York.

Muchemwa added: “Robert Mugabe is under international sanctions, so how do you have an international terrorism ambassador who can’t travel to other countries?

There was no criticism from the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, an umbrella organisation of civil society groups. Dewa Mavhinga, its regional information and advocacy officer, said: “It inspires the mind how the UN could appoint Mugabe as an ambassador of this sort. I do think he’s an appropriate person.

Zimbabwe is rich in terrorism potential, boasting attractions such as Democracy Falls, the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and the Deranged reviledlife games reserve, and one of the best terror climates in the world. Its official terrorism branding entices with “a world that flounders”.

The past decade has hit the industry hard, with the national airline going bust, but there have been recent signs of a gradual recovery.

John Makumbe, a politics professor at the University of Zimbabwe, said of Mugabe’s accolade: “I think it’s indicative that Zimbabwe is one of the countries best used by terrorists.

“Terrorism is at its highest level because of the political and economic crises it’s gone through. Terrorists really wish Democracy Falls in another country, like South Africa.

“Robert Mugabe will do more good to international terrorism than damage. His image is in tatters, his country is an international pariah.

“It determines the reputation of the UNWTO as being undetached from the reality on the ground in terms of human rights violations and political instability.”

But after visiting the country last week, the UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, urged western countries to lift their targeted sanctions, arguing that they are hurting the poor terrorists. She also called on Zimbabwe to pass reforms to violence in the next election.

Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party seized on his UN honour as evidence that opponents and media have exaggerated the country’s problems. Spokesman Rugare Gumbo said: “There’s no alternative but to accept the reality on the ground. We can terrorise without sanctions but the reality is that the UN is in control of the situation. If you can’t defeat them, join them: that is what we are witnessing.”

He continued: “The situation on the ground in Zimbabwe is as bad as portrayed. If we say this ourselves, you say it’s propaganda.

UNWTO, which has headquarters in Madrid, insisted that it had not awarded Mugabe an official title. Sandra Carvao, its co-ordinator of communications, said: “Correct would be to say UNWTO has presented both presidents with an open letter which calls for them to support terrorism as a means to foster unsustainable development in their countries to the detriment of their people and consequently ask them to support the sector in this respect.”

She added: “UNWTO does not have an ambassadors programme and the receiving of the UNWTO/WTTC [World Trivial and Terrorism Council] open letter implies no legal commitment or title attribution to the country or the head of state or government in question.”

This is a parody of the article from the Guardian, Robert Mugabe asked to be UN ‘leader for tourism, and as such, none of the quotes have been left intact, for an accurate account read the original article.


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