Eternity is not a long time

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and it gives Christians a wow moment, for it’s ability to weaken the Ultimate Boeing 747 Gambit normally used against arguments to design. What doesn’t impress them is when I point out that it actually makes the already weak cosmological argument even weaker. I will examine the strengths and weaknesses of these arguments in future posts, for now I’ll just examine this one issue.

Black holes, for those who don’t know, are simply dense, high mass, bodies. Since we have observed the ability of gravity to bend light, it is conceivable that a dense enough body would exert enough gravitational force on light to draw it in, not allowing the escape of light (so you wouldn’t see it), these bodies are known as black holes, in evidence does seem to support that they probably do exist. The problem with such a high mass body is that it pushes various things to infinite values (which aren’t really values at all) and thus are mathematically meaningless. In such a case, physical laws collapse. Time, being influenced by gravity (time is slower the closer the time keeper is to a powerful gravitational force, hence the theory of relativity, time is relative) is a product of physical laws.

Stephen Hawking speaks of three arrows of time in A Brief History of Time, one being psychological (you can’t remember tomorrow, the thermodynamic arrow of time (things tend towards disorder according to the second law of thermodynamics) and the cosmological arrow of time (the expansion of the universe). Time being inextricably linked to the physical laws of this universe, means it is at least conceivable that beyond those laws, there would be no time. That aside, since the density of a black hole singularity is high enough to prevent the escape of light, it is also dense enough to stop time (of course you wouldn’t be able to measure this). So within a singularity, time is basically not existent, or not relevant.

If the universe did begin in a singularity of some kind (as modern cosmology would point towards) then there was a “period” before time. Sure, people would point out that I don’t accept the Big Bang cosmology, but simply put the Biblical account, which starts, “In the beginning God…” would at least imply God pre existing time, so the same conclusion stands. If this is the case, it would be fair to assume that eternity is not a long time, but is rather no time at all, which has quite profound ramifications for theism, and perhaps even atheism, so I’ll probably revisit this post quite a bit in future.

There are possibly some problems with what I am saying here (I’m not a physicist) and there was one complaint brought up by a pastor regarding Isaiah 66:22-23, but I’ll leave that to readers, but I don’t see the issue as particularly problematic. If you have any thoughts on this, let me know what you think.


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