Reading through the Bible: Day 1


I’m sorry for getting this out so late, but I’m having a major data connectivity issue.

Genesis 1; 2 & 3: Creation and fall

The creation and fall, well, known, seldom read, but the source of much controversy regarding Biblical teaching. For expediency, I will not go into the whole debate over Creation; Theistic Evolution and Gap theories, there is plenty of material out there, and I do sometimes blog about the issue, so keep following and things may come up.

Two creation stories?

I figure I have to comment on this, as it is often called a contradiction, regardless of how many times it’s been addressed. Genesis 1 gives a sequence for creation ending with man, while Genesis 2 gives a sequence starting with man. The stock standard reply, which seems to be what most people would get of a simple skim through, is that the second creation story is merely a record of the sixth day events. The recreation of trees and animals in Eden is a simple and straight forward explanation, while the two creation story account seems rather unlikely. You’d have thought that the author (even an editor) wouldn’t intentionally put two creation accounts one after the other.

The fall of man

A while back I did a post on the idea of people shirking responsibility, which seems to be a big focus in the fall. After the fall, God claims man has gained the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 3:22), which I talked about when I examined the moral compass argument used by religious people, and why this text actually refutes that vein of argument. What have I missed? What leaps out at you in today’s reading? What questions or insights does it raise?


What do you think?

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