Reading through the Bible: day 6

Job 10 – 13:19

Due to a terrible connection, this is going out late again. I was hoping to avoid posting on the Sabbath, but I feel this should go out as it is God’s plan that people read his word.

I stopped at verse 19 because that is where Job finishes his reply to his friends and begins his prayer.

Yesterday ended with Job wanting a trial with God, and he continues in chapter 10 wanting a to plead his case with God.

Zophar seems to go the same way as his friends, seemingly blaming Job’s pride for his predicament. He exalts God and finds Job’s words mocking.

Job then takes his focus off God and turns it onto the accusations from his friends. He points out that all that they have been saying about God he already knows. He knows the greatness of God, the fairness of God, the power of God and the Knowledge of God. He feels they are mocking him, and still feels blameless, and not without cause, since that is exactly what God said about Job in chapter 1. He then turns their judgments on them (in chapter 13), saying that God would judge them for their words, for speaking in His place. One can’t help but thinking of Matthew 7:1 and the whole “judge not” thing, and how our judgements will turn against us.

What really fascinates me here is how Job implies that they will be judged for trying to defend God. I’m not sure that it’s defending God that is the problem, he lists being deceitful and speaking wickedly on God’s behalf. He also addresses contending for God with partiality. The problem with the first two is simple, but the partiality thing seems problematic, why would there be a problem with showing partiality to God? Does God indeed have a problem with us arguing for Him in a manner that shows partiality? I’d be interested in any ideas here, and will look for more clues as we go on.

What do you think of today’s texts? What interesting insights did you find in them?

If you wish to share and get others to read through the Bible, the reading through the Bible tab has all the necessary posts for getting going and following the program.


3 thoughts on “Reading through the Bible: day 6”

  1. You just need to look around at some religious ‘leaders’ today who try to defend God, and you see the point.

    They claim to be speaking on God’s behalf, but it is merely their interpretation of what they think God says.

    They are basically saying that they know the mind of God.

    1. I like the way you phrased this:

      “They claim to be speaking on God’s behalf, but it is merely their interpretation of what they think God says.”

      often we see people saying things that seem obviously deceitful when defending their idea of God, and it’s easy to say they are being deceitful. The way you’ve phrased it is charitable enough to allow for basic folly, which is, I think the case with Job’s friends.

  2. I agree, James, There are many people who try defend God. I think it is a very easy trap to fall into. However the other side of it is that God does occasionally give us stuff to say and sometimes we are too scared to say it and then we don’t, sometimes we do speak and end up offending others and sometimes we make a mistake and only realize it long afterwards. In the end we need practice listening to God and obeying him, but this also means that we will make mistakes and sometimes we will think we hear God and we are actually hearing ourselves or satan… it happens. We are human and we are messy.

    I think the crux of the matter comes in with our attitude (or the attitude of whoever is claiming to have heard God). Do we/they try make those listening feel guilty if they don’t accept what we/they have said completely and without reservations, or do we/they approach it from the angle of, “I’m not God, I feel this is what he is saying, but please go check me out and pray about it first.”

    Just a few thoughts…

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