Reading through the Bible: day 8

Welcome to the second week, you’ve made it through the first, well done, keep it up. Perhaps you have friends who would like to read through the Bible, share the reading through the Bible page with them, and get them involved, the comments will stay open, so there is no reason to catch up, if they start today, they should finish by this time next year.

Job 17 – 20

This argument seems to resemble a fairly normal argument, people just rephrase their arguments and nobody does any convincing.

Job wants his words preserved (Job 19:23,24) which is interesting, since that is exactly what has happened. I certainly wouldn’t call this a prophecy, so it doesn’t really offer much, except perhaps a weak argument to prayer being answered, but I wouldn’t use it for that.

Zophar gives an exposition of the view of the time regarding the short lived joy of the wicked, and the ultimate unpleasantness that their wickedness would lead them to. Again I will point out that is not empirically valid as far as we can tell. That aside, it is ultimately the belief of most Christians. While our short time on Earth may seem like the evil can prosper, most Christians believe in a neverending punishment for the wicked, which would fit into Zophar’s sermon. Annihilists believe in a fiery (or otherwise painful) destruction of the wicked, which would also fit Zophar’s sermon. I’m afraid I’m not really sure what a universalist view would make of this though (universalists believe all will be saved).

In Job’s pain; misery, and suffering, he manages to coin an anthem cry for Christians, most of whom likely don’t know the origin of the text, Job 19:25, “For I know that my Redeemer lives.”

What do you think of today’s texts.


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