Reading through the Bible: day 10

Job 24 – 28

I was going to focus on Jobs complaints about evil, but I figure we all have first hand experience with these kind of complaints. What do you tell yourself when you, or others, have a Job 24 moment?

I decided to focus on…



Job 28 explores wisdom. Job notes its value and its elusive nature. But what is it? In Job 28:20 the word wisdom is juxtaposed on understanding. We can know stuff without having much understanding of it. A good example is maths, you may know a formula, you may even know how to use the formula, but still not know how the discoverer of that formula arrived at it or why it works.

Christians often cite God as their source of knowledge, which I feel may be a good thing if only for the sake of humility. Obviously if they’re correct about the existence and nature of God, then they would be right to seek knowledge from Him. Sometimes though, when people are battling to prop up bad doctrines with little or no scriptural support they resort to claiming that the Holy Spirit reveals to them and they understand through Him, and no amount of scripture or good reasoning will convince them otherwise. Sometimes they’ll even go as far as criticising their critics for lacking spirituality and understanding (after all, they get everything from God, they couldn’t possibly be propping their own, or their pastors, bad ideas up). Now we can get wrapped up in thinking in a worldly fashion, the New Testament warns against this, so I’d really like to get people thinking: how do we police ourselves? How do we avoid getting to wrapped up in worldly thinking without making false appeals to personal revelation?

I’d really like readers to give their thoughts here, I don’t have the answer, and I’m sure there are very few who do, so I’d like to get the discussion started. Invite others, even if they aren’t taking part in this challenge, just use the share buttons. Invite your pastors or elders if you like.

If you would like to get others reading the Bible, then share the reading through the Bible page with them.

This post got lost somewhere in cyberspace once and had to be retyped, it’s not the same as it was, but I’m exhausted, see you all tomorrow.


What do you think?

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