Reading through the Bible: day 11

Job 29 – 31

Job pleads his case, gives a last defence.

The plea is threefold:

  • Chapter 29 has Job pleading his case and pointing out that he is the righteous man God said he was in chapters 1 and 2
  • Chapter 30 has Job pointing out how he has been treated by people in his plight. He also points out how he feels God has abandoned him despite his righteousness.
  • Chapter 31 has Job claiming responsibility for anything he may have done and pointing out that it would be just to punish him had he done wrong.

Job 30:20-31 seems like Job questioning God, which may make people wonder if Job is as faithful as the interpretations say. Questioning God doesn’t seem to be entirely wrong, as we will see with both Abraham and Moses, it was almost as if they were required to question, as if God wanted them to question Him. Obviously that is not the case here, it wasn’t required that Job question God, but he wasn’t unfaithful, he still accepted God as supreme judge and didn’t question judgement, just why he was getting what he felt was a judgement, Job seems to want to know what he has done.

What did you get out of today’s text?

If you want to get others reading the Bible, the reading through the Bible page contains all someone needs to get going on this plan, and will be updated with links to any relevant posts as they are published.


What do you think?

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