Reading through the Bible: day 13

Job 35 -37

Elihu’s speech continues in today’s readings, which I’m afraid are later than usual due to some unfortunate incidents here at home.

Just a few points:

In Chapter 35 Elihu has a go at Job’s self righteousness. We know he was a very righteous man, but he did seem to have an opinion of himself, and I think we see the same in many modern day Christians. They tithe; don’t do that really bad stuff, start community projects to help the poor, and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. It’s this kind of thinking that gets Christians into trouble, the whole salvation by works thing that seems to come out, and forgetting God’s importance and His role.

In Job 36:5, there’s an awesome bit about God not despising anyone. While God may not approve of what people do, and may even get upset about it, it isn’t the people he hates.

Then 36:9, “He tells them their work and their transgressions” (NKJV), which I find interesting, since it seems to be speaking of conscience and how we’re often are aware of our transgressions. I also think it speaks of reading the Bible and discussing things with other Christians, carefully and prayerfully. Since this can reveal things to us that our conscience may not be alerting us of because we haven’t put much thought into it, or been exposed to it.

Something that really interested me in the above quote was the pronoun their. In the preceding verses we find: the wicked (v6); the oppressed (v6) and the righteous (v7). While I think, due to the pronoun they in verses 7 and 8, that this refers specifically to the righteous, it is possible that it means all of the above, since the conscience and pointing out of transgressions doesn’t seem as much use to the righteous as it would be to the wicked. What do you think?

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