Reading through the Bible: day 14

Finally, the men have finished talking, and God arrives on the scene.

Job 38 – 39

In chapters 38 and 39 God confronts Job about the scope of his knowledge and power in relation to God’s. Can Job do the things God can, and does he have the scope of knowledge God has. In effect God doesn’t answer Job. Job’s focus was on what God was doing to him, and we have the benefit of knowing that God only allowed for the devil to do things to Job, this is one area Job’s knowledge was wanting. In the modern day, we’re confronted with another issue: why does God allow the devil to act, answers which aren’t relly found in Job, but that we can only speculate on.

Orion and the Pleiades

In verse 31, God asks Job if he could “bind the cluster of the Pleiades or loose the belt of Orion.” It turns out that the structures of these two constellations is exactly as was said here. Orion’s stars are moving apart and the Pleiades are a bound cluster which means the gravitational forces within the cluster hold the stars together quite firmly.

Some people argue that this shows the awareness of God in this statement speaks to divine knowledge that no one of the time could have known, and thus must have been divinely inspired. The problem is that the Pleiades actually look like a cluster and Orion does not. For this reason, many creation ministries say we shouldn’t make the above argument, but that God was speaking to visible cues available to people to make a point to Job. God was essentially asking if Job could create such a situation, which, of course, he couldn’t. The second argument seems valid since it fits the context of God’s challenge to Job. The apparent scientific accuracy seems to be an amazing add on that possibly doesn’t speak of anything but the visible characteristics of the constellations in question.

What are your thoughts?

To take part in this reading program in your own time, you can go to, and bookmark, the reading through the Bible page, and find all the relevant links including the background posts. You can share it with friends to get others reading and to have people to talk to about what you are reading. The comment threads will remain open, and if you have questions or comments I will try to help where I can.


What do you think?

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