Reading through the Bible: day 27

Gustave Doré, Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

Genesis 43 – 45

There’s not many issues here, we’ll get to Benjamin’s age in the next instalment since there does seems to be an issue.

Scare tactics

Joseph used the fear of foreign religions and divination against his brothers shortly before revealing himself.

He was married to a high priest’s daughter and was likely trained as a priest as part of his going into office as this seemed to be the tradition in Egypt for its leaders. Knowing the customs and the fear from his own people of divination he knew it would bring them back very stressed out, this, of course, doesn’t mean he actually practised divination, which was against God’s law.

Surety for Benjamin

Both Judah and Reuben made offers to Jacob in exchange for sending Benjamin with them. Jacob would not accept Reuben offering his son, and likely only accepted Judah offering himself out of the need for food. The fact that the sons were willing to risk starving instead of going back without Benjamin, showed just how much Joseph had terrified them. I have to wonder why Joseph put his brothers through all of this, perhaps it was simply revenge, or perhaps he felt they were more likely to listen to him knowing just how powerful he was.

What are your thoughts?

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One thought on “Reading through the Bible: day 27”

  1. I think that it reveals Joseph’s effort to discover the truth—to find out whether his brothers were still the selfish, godless, wicked men who had sold him into slavery 20 years earlier or had they repented and changed.

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