Reading through the Bible: day 28

Genesis 46 – 47 1 Chronicles 2:1-6

Gustave Doré, Jacob Goeth into Egypt
We have more genealogies. Giving the sons of Jacob, and his sons. Which brings up a question:

How old was Benjamin

Genesis 44:20- 22 seems to be saying that Benjamin was an infant, while in Genesis 46:8,21 says he had ten children.

The Hebrew term used refers to a child. Benjamin was the youngest, by quite a few years, and was seen as a child by Jacob (if we consider how protective he was). Also being the youngest and being overprotected would have made him a child in his brothers eyes.

The Hebrew term for young used here could mean younger or youngest, which is what Benjamin was to his brothers.

The Hebrew term for lad is a hebrew word that could be used for a child, a servant, or a young man. Benjamin was a young man in his brothers eyes.

Thus none of the words presuppose an infant or child, but can simply show his comparative age to his brothers.

This information can be found at the Looking Unto Jesus website in greater detail.

Egyptians hate Shepherds

It’s interesting that the Pharaoh allows the Hebrews to settle on prize land despite the dislike they apparently had for them. More interesting though is that Joseph specifically told them to be truthful about their occupation. Although Abraham and Isaac had been dishonest (about their wives) when moving into new areas, Joseph seemed to understand that their continued residence in Egypt depended on building an honest relationship with Egyptian leadership.

Powerful Capitalism

Joseph’s status in Egypt was dependent on how he could aid the Pharaoh, and he did this by increasing his power greatly in trading the food for land, thus putting all the land (except that of the priests) in the hands of the Pharaoh. Land is a powerful resource, and for years to come (presumably to the time of Moses, at least) the Egyptians were required to give a fifth of their lands produce to the Pharaoh, as a tax.

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