Reading through the Bible: day 52

Numbers 4 – 6

Today we read about duties and how the tabernacle was to be transported. This isn’t all that interesting, and the main issue today is the harsh treatment that women got for their husbands being jealous.

This was tough to swallow, so I read the bit again and it falls into a section in the Bible regarding infidelity. The Jealousy in this context would be a man being jealous of his wife cheating on her, as I understand it. So it is similar to God’s Jealousy when people give their worship, which belongs only to Him, to other things. In this context, the man may not be at fault, but to be fair, the woman may be innocent. God gives a method (not a very scientific one) by which he can reveal whether or not she has been unfaithful, and if she wasn’t, she is ok, if she was, then she is severely punished. Thus, it seems as though she wasn’t actually being punished for her husbands jealousy, but for her own infidelity.

What are your thoughts?

Please give the reading through the Bible page a look if you haven’t already, there are some background posts and the index to this reading plan. Share it with others who you think can benefit from Reading the Bible.


One thought on “Reading through the Bible: day 52”

  1. Numbers is generally the least interesting of the Books of Moses to me.

    However, Chapter 6 with the ‘Law of the Nazarite’ is interesting and raises questions with regards to Samson and perhaps John the Baptist; was Samson a Nazarite and that is why he couldn’t shave his head? was John the Baptist?

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