Reading through the Bible: day 66

Sorry I missed out on a few days, but it’s that wonderful time of the year when KwaZulu-Natal experiences African Horse Sickness. Ok, so it’s not that great, I spent the weekend trying to help people with sick horses, it didn’t help much. But let’s get on with today’s (overdue) reading.

Deuteronomy 11 – 14

Today Moses goes on about obedience, not too much there, but come chapter 13, and there is an issue.

Omniscient tester

So God knows everything, so then why does He need to test you?

I have some issue with God sending false prophets to test His followers, but what I am concerned with here is the omniscience issue. If God knows that you’re faithful, why test you? If He knows you’re not faithful, why test you?

You may not have as great faith as you may believe, many have lost their faith because things started going wong in their lives. The chances are, you’ll never really know how strong your faith is until it has been tried. The simple explanation here is, the test isn’t for God’s benefit, it is for yours.

Another explanation (which has a Biblical example) is the idea that the Devil accuses followers of God for being week in their faith, and thus demands they are tested. Since the Devil is testing God’s justice, God, being fair, allows for the test to go through. So, you’re like Job, if your faith is strong, or week, the devil will challenge it, and the test, is for the benefit of knowing that God is just in not subjecting you to Hellfire.

In Chapter 14 we deal with the dietary laws. Some people still believe these laws count for something (I don’t care, I’m a vegetarian), while the vast majority believe they don’t. What interests me is purpose, if the laws don’t apply now, then it wasn’t for health reasons, and the laws are arbitrary, so was God just being mean? Or are they about health, and when Jesus died on the cross, fridges were invented and the health problem went away? This would need to be the case for the “refrigerators make it ok” and “it’s the New Covenant” to work together.

Rabbits chewing the cud?

Rabbits don’t chew the cud, but the Hebrew term refers to re-chewing food, which is what happens when something eats it’s own faeces. Thus the rabbit does chew twice, and in the Hebrew sense, chews the cud.

What are your thoughts?

Please give the reading through the Bible page a look if you haven’t already, there are some background posts and the index to this reading plan. Share it with others who you think can benefit from Reading the Bible.


4 thoughts on “Reading through the Bible: day 66”

  1. I am under a different set of dietary laws, which are largely about health, but not completely either. Part of it was and is health, but it also about setting a people apart from the other nations, making them unique, peculiar, and reinforcing that to both them and to those around them so that they notice they should not be like everyone else and everyone else notices that they are not like them.

  2. Whether rabbits chew the cud or rechew their food doesn’t really matter as they definitely don’t have hooves, cloven or otherwise!

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