Reading throught the Bible: day 70

Deuteronomy 27 – 30

Today’s texts have a whole lot of possible blessings and curses. All these things were conditional, if you Israel followed God, then the blessing would be theirs, and if they didn’t, then curses are theirs.

Free will

Free will is really important to Christian apologists as an answer to the problem of evil. While the free will defence is used very commonly, not everyone accepts that we have free will. Calvinism taught predestination which rejects free will. Many critics will also point out that free will is limited because we live in a deterministic world. What is really important to this project though is whether the Bible supports predestination, free will, or something else.

So here we have one of the first texts explicitly covering the issue. Deuteronomy 30:19 certainly gives the impression that people do have free will, unfortunately this isn’t the only text regarding the issue, so we need to carry on reading, and keep the subject at the back of our minds.

What are your thoughts?

Please give the reading through the Bible page a look if you haven’t already, there are some background posts and the index to this reading plan. Share it with others who you think can benefit from Reading the Bible.


One thought on “Reading throught the Bible: day 70”

  1. Wow, some of my favorite parts of the Books of Moses as it clearly lays out the covenant and the blessing and cursing of Israel. As well as the awesome promise that after the blessing and the cursing, when Israel is scattered in all nations and living in fear that the Lord will not forget those that have covenanted with Him but will remember them and gather again and bless them more then at first. This is right before us, we can see the fulfillment of these promises very clearly as they are historic and on going. “Next year in Jerusalem” is now “Next year in Jerusalem, the rebuilt” which is something really cool to me.

    Then there is the daily placing of life and good, death and evil before us. The word of the Lord and what we should do is not far off, nor is it in heaven but it is right with us, it is already in our hearts. All of us, atheist, theist, whatever, know what it is we should do and are have constantly before us the choice between choosing that which we know to be good and that which we know to be wrong and we are all able to choose good and are all denounced for not doing so.

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