Reading through the Bible: day 77

Joshua 21 – 24

Free will

Joshua 24:15 gives another glimpse at free will. Joshua tells the Israelites that they should decide whether following The Lord is good or bad, and choose for themselves what to do.


Joshua 24:19 sees God telling the Israelites that he wouldn’t forgive their sins, obviously this can be problematic for Christians.

This text doesn’t point at all to no forgiveness at all from God, it’s specific. God tells Israel he will not forgive their transgressions. So one could say that He would still forgive other. This is problematic though, since God did forgive Israelites on numerous occasions.

Although we could say God was referring to the collective sins of a nation, and thus individuals could be forgiven. Since Israel was forgiven of the sins being sent back to Israel after the exile (for which they were punished as a nation, one could have a problem. This problem isn’t great, since in general all the adults taken into exile died before the nation was forgiven, so perhaps God didn’t forgive those people. This isn’t comforting though, and doesn’t sound very Christian.

I’ll address this issue as we continue.

What are your thoughts?

Please give the reading through the Bible page a look if you haven’t already, there are some background posts and the index to this reading plan. Share it with others who you think can benefit from Reading the Bible.


What do you think?

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