Is nature sustainable?

Nowadays there is a drive towards sustainability, sustainable farming; sustainable energy; sustainable living; sustainable anything to make a buck. The assumption is that our current oil/coal driven society can’t sustain itself, this probably doesn’t need to be discussed, unless the reader has spent the last twenty years on Mars. Many people feel a need to move toward more environmentally friendly ways of existing, which probably isn’t a bad thing, but ultimately the question, “is nature sustainable?” Is bound to come up. Continue reading Is nature sustainable?


Connecting people.

A lawyer in his new job departs for lunch. A construction worker repairing the pavement, downs his tools, wipes his sweaty brow and heads off to wash his hands.

Having never worked in this area, the lawyer decides to see what the grub at the local tearoom is like. On arrival, he sees a tray of meat pies on the counter, steaming hot and evidently freshly prepared for the lunch rush. With only one tray, it seems obvious that it’s a “pie of the day” deal and they’re all the same. He puts R15.00 on the counter, takes his pie, and finds the only vacant table in the busy tearoom. Continue reading Connecting people.

What is this thing: Democracy?

Democracy, the best system of governance we’ve come up with, or is it simply better than what we could have?

Through a long past, democracy has changed many times, sometimes for the better, but even today humankind, ironically, hasn’t found a system all can agree on. Democratic systems are nearly as diverse as democratic countries, but the main point is to give people the right to choose. We can choose who will govern us, by examining their policies on: social; economic and, yes, political issues. In essence, you can choose your own form of democracy. Simply by electing someone, you choose to abide by their systems. Continue reading What is this thing: Democracy?

of religion in a rational world

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