Reading through the Bible

Since most Christians don’t take on the endeavour of reading the Bible as a whole, Small doses has decided to bring you the Hallquist Challenge. This challenge, named for atheist blogger Chris Hallquist, involves the not overwhelming task of reading through the Bible in one year. This page will act like an index and will cover the various issues that need to be addressed when reading through the Bible, like why it seems so boring, as well as guiding readers through the readings. I won’t blog on everything (I’m not writing a commentary), just things that stand out, or that need to be addressed. Obviously feedback is appreciated, and will help to get your questions answered, or just allow you to test out ideas that you’re not sure of.

Obviously the Bible seeming like a boring book isn’t the only reason people don’t read it, they could just be apathetic, or, as a friend pointed out, they could be scared. If this is the case, then it’s the responsibility of those around them (or if it’s on this blog, other commentors) to make them feel comfortable about things, even if you disagree with them.

Obviously people disagree on how literally we should take the Bible, and what is taken literally. This causes many of our interdenominational issues, but we should bear in mind that no one takes the Bible literally.

The plan will follow a Chronological order to make things a bit easier. The official start date for this blog is 6 January 2013, but if you’re late, catch up, or just go through it. If you’re reading this at a time when catch up is impossible, please go through it, I’ll leave the comments open, and you can raise questions/issues and so on. Click here for a little more on this.

I will continue to update this page with more posts, and then with the actual daily readings, and their posts, so keep checking in. If you subscribe the posts will be emailed to you and you can simply read them there.

Day 1: Creation and fall
Day 2: Adam’s Children to Noah
Day 3: Flood to Babel
Day 4: Job’s righteousness and suffering
Day 5: Job and Bildad
Day 6: Job and Zophar
Day 7: Job’s prayer and Eliphaz
Day 8: “My Redeemer lives.”
Day 9: Job talks about the wicked
Day 10: Job laments evil and explores wisdom
Day 11: Job offers his defence
Day 12: Elihu’s speech part one
Day 13: Elihu’s speech part two
Day 14: God confronts Job
Day 15: The end of Job
Day 16: Abraham Leaves Haran
Day 17: The Abrahamic covenant
Day 18: Sodom and Gomorrah
Day 19: Abraham’s test of faith.
Day 20: The most expensive mess of pottage.
Day 21: Isaac is deceived
Day 22: Rachel and Leah compete with each other over children
Day 23: Jacob returns to Canaan
Day 24: A lot of confusion over names
Day25: Judah has twins to his daughter-in-law
Day 26: Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dream
Day 27: Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
Day 28: Jacob goes to Egypt
Day29: The death of Jacob and Joseph
Day 30: Moses from infancy to calling
Day 31: Moses returns to Egypt
Day 32: Something to plague you
Day 33: The Passover
Day 34, Crossing the Red Sea
Day 35: The Amalekites
Day 36: The Ten Commandments
Day 37: The pattern for the Tabernacle
Day 38: The Urim and Thummim
Day 39: The artisans and their talents
Day 40: The golden calf
Day 41: Building the Tabernacle
Day 42: Ending Exodus
Day 43: Various types of sacrifice
Day 44: Aaron consecrated
Day 45: Laws about food and cleanliness
Day 46: Laws for Lepers
Day 47: The Day of Atonement, and more laws
Day 48: How to get stoned
Day 49: An eye for an eye
Day 50: The end of Leviticus
Day 51: The first census
Day 52: transporting the Tabernacle
Day 53: Dedication of the Levities
Day 54: Complaints and Rebellion
Day 55: Spying on the promised land
Day 56: The destruction of Korah
Day 57: The Brazen Serpent
Day 58: Talking donkeys and prosperous prophets
Day 59: The second census
Day 60: Festival sacrifices
Day 61: Victory at Midian
Day 62: Preparation for conquest
Day 63: Moses speaks
Day 64: Reaffirming the Law
Day 65: Recapping the Wilderness years
Day 66: Dietary Laws
Day 67: Some more laws
Day 68: Intermarriage
Day 69: Slaves and Ancestral sin
Day 70: Blessings and curses, conditional salvation
Day 71: The Death of Moses
Day 72: Into the promised land
Day 73: Off to war
Day 74: Time stands still
Day 75: God’s promise to Caleb fulfilled
Day 76: Dividing the land
Day 77: Joshua’s Death
Day 78: Idolatory and Civil war
Day 79: The Israelites fail to drive out the people of the Canaan


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